Eid al-Fitr 2018

Eid al-Fitr Announcement
and Eid Day Activities
From Muslim Society of Memphis
Assalamu Alaykom,
  1. Eid prayer depending on the Moon Sighting will be eitherThursday, June 14 but most probably Friday, June 15
  2. All the activities will be held at the AgriCenter International located at 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 38134
  3. Eid Prayer will be held at 9:00 A.M. Please make plans to arrive early as it will be a working day and we expect heavy traffic.
  4. Event parking will be provided at the Agricenter Grounds. Parking attendants will assist us in parking. Please follow their directions. The event parking Tag fee is $10 per car and this is good all day (in and out parking). Parking tags will be available in all the Masjids and you should have your cards visible on your dashboard or hanging on your interior mirror. We strongly recommend you purchase these tags beforehand to avoid delay. Tickets will also be available at area Muslim restaurants/eateries and at Masjid Assalam office.
  5. There will be bounce houses, a children’s show, and food available for purchase after the Eid Prayer.

Mama and Lulu
Show Times: 1230, 3pm and 5pm
$5 person
Free Inflatables Bouncers for the kids
A variety of food cuisines
Again, remember to buy your parking tickets in advance at any of the area masjids: Masjid Arrahman, Masjid Al Nur, Masjid Muslumeen, Masjid Al Muminun, MIC and Masjid Asalaam.